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New Glitter Mini Sessions!

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

My little girl was eight this month and having missed out on a birthday party in lock-down, wanted something special to celebrate. She's a pink mad, girly girl who loves anything sparkly and any opportunity to dress up. Many times I have taken her to the supermarket in a sparkly party dress, heels (and randomly sometimes her snorkel and mask, a straw hat or cape - she has her own unique sense of style and I learned long ago that letting her express this made for a much happier life!) With sparkles in mind, I suggested that we try something using glitter and trying to make it catch the light by blowing it. We selected different colours that matched her favorite party frocks and had the most fun, blowing, throwing and sprinkling the glitter EVERYWHERE!!!! The results were beautiful and she is thrilled with her frames collages of the images we took. Since then, I have experimented with backdrops and colours and even completed a session with a 4 year old boy - who says glitter is for girls???

I am thrilled to now offer Wirral based glitter photography mini sessions - they are fantastic to celebrate a birthday or just because who doesn't love glitter!!!!



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